A Lost Man - 2013

Many equate the term ‘lost’ with a vulnerable, scared and uncomfortable state of being, and while this may be a common interpretation, my own is somewhat different.  Having experienced a relatively solitary life over the past number of years, I have come to cherish the feeling of being isolated and alone, finding it to be a meditative and comforting state of mind.  Getting lost by immersing myself in everyday and new surroundings has helped create a centered and grounded place for me. 

Constructing a new environment from two or more places creates a bewildering and unique composition, where both the figure and the viewer become adrift in the scenery.  This body of work represents my search for new gateways to those alternate and dream-like realities created when disoriented and lost.  By blending day and night cycles, urban and natural environments and incorporating ghost-like self-portraits into these images, I have illustrated the mystery found on long walks and the discovery of new spaces hidden in plain sight.